It's just a couple of weeks away and chances are you haven't bought anything for her (or him) yet. So you'll probably leave it until a day or two before to go and buy something that you probably haven't put that much thought into but you hope will look like a grand gesture of love.

Well I hate to break it to you, but chances are, your gift will not blow her (or him) away. I'm sorry but it just won't, because lets face it, it's all been done before. The flowers, the teddy bear, the over-sized card, the balloons, the expensive meal out, the theatre show............I could go on for a long time, but the point is that NONE of these are original ideas. They've all been done a million times and i'm sorry but no matter how happy your other half looks when you unveil your grand Valentines gesture to them, they're probably not all that impressed.

I'm not trying to be harsh when I say these things, I purely wish to help you. I have something that will seriously keep you in the good books for years to come. In fact you could probably just skip the next couple of Valentines Days and you would STILL be in the good books, because this gesture fills several categories: 1) It's in the most beautiful location 2) It definitely won't make you fat 3) It will be totally unexpected 4) Neither of you will have ever done anything quite like it.

So what is this amazing present?...........Well, one of our upcoming fitness retreats of course! Now I know you're probably reading this and thinking this is just a shameless plug for our retreats (which it kinda is), but it's not just about that. It's also about the reason that we started doing these retreats, to improve people's lives, to make people smile, and to most importantly give people the type of holiday we think they deserve. One with adventure, action & adrenaline but also with an equal amount of serenity, stillness & relaxation. So before you immediately discount the idea, just think to yourself, do you both deserve this?