Our retreats are just different - We feel it, the guests feel it. It’s really special, and we feel it really is the future of fitness retreats!
— Adam Rogers (Founder of New Horizon Escapes)

Holidays are awesome! Who could deny it? No work, no stress; just you & the sunshine, the beach, the great food and the culture. But have you ever noticed that there’s a strange ritual involved in preparing to go on holiday?

You spend months of the year tirelessly slugging it out in the gym, trying to get beach ready so you can show off your hard earned flat stomach and toned muscles, only to destroy all that hard work by gorging at the hotel buffet, guzzling down cheap cocktails all day, and only moving your body when it's time to apply more lotion, or when they tell you the lunch buffet is available! We’ve all been there, and it’s possibly the most counter productive cycle you could imagine!

So what if I told you that you could, not only fly off to a beautiful destination, feel the sand between your toes, and relax under a palm tree whilst sipping on a fresh coconut, but you could also feel, and maybe even look better by the time you go home? Well that’s exactly why we’ve created New Horizon Escapes!

Bali retreat fun

Now this isn’t just another “Fitness Retreat” or "Bootcamp" where, by the time it’s finished you feel like you need another holiday to get over it. No, that's not how we do things here at New Horizon. At New Horizon we do things differently!

Looking and feeling good isn’t just about severe calorie restriction, boring food, and working out until your arms & legs feel like they’re going to fall off. No, It’s about keeping active, having a sensible, balanced and sustainable approach to diet and of course the most important part - HAVING FUN!

We’ve designed programs that will not only be jam packed with awesome activities like hiking, rock climbing, kickboxing and Yoga but that allow for plenty of down time for you to unwind, enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

You’ll be staying in beautiful accommodation carefully hand picked by us, eating in some amazing local restaurants, relaxing on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and snorkelling with the most diverse marine life you could imagine! All this while getting fitter, stronger, healthier and hopefully HAPPIER!

This all sounds too good to be true, right? Well I promise you it’s not. Once you’re here, we take care of absolutely everything. Your food, your accommodation, your transportation and all of your daily activities & workouts, but we always leave enough time for you to get some well deserved R&R on the beach or by the pool.

Koh Tao Villa

So, if you want to experience the future of fitness retreats, and join us for the adventure of a lifetime...............

..........and take the first step to a New Horizon Escape

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