So the season is upon us once again and with it comes the familiar acceptance, nay expectation of indulgence  and gluttony. Now don't get me wrong, i'm by no means suggesting that you shouldn't be able to enjoy the Christmas festivities with a glass wine, a generous helping of your mums Turkey dinner and a nice piece of Christmas Pudding to finish, but I am suggesting that people have this tendency to excuse themselves from any sort of dietary responsibility for the entire month of December and half of January. They then make the same New Years resolution they did last year to get off their butts, get in the gym and get fit. They start some new, amazing, breakthrough diet that they found online, where all they have to do is replace 2 meals a day with a glass of water and take 3 magic pills that cost them £100 and they're GUARANTEED to lose weight! The worst part of all is that usually by mid-February it all comes crashing down, the gym membership gets pushed to the side and the pounds pile back on double time. SERIOUSLY? COME ON PEOPLE! CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW SELF DESTRUCTIVE AND POISONOUS THIS ROUTINE IS???

Right, that's the rant over! NOW FOR THE SOLUTION!

At New Horizon Escapes we teach balance, because that's what our lives are, a balance. Balance is everywhere we look in life, except for some reason when it comes to our own health there is none. We will prove that you CAN have the body you want and it doesn't require crazy diets and pills that you can't even pronounce, all it requires is............You guessed it, BALANCE. We take our guests on an action packed adventure that involves the perfect balance of FITNESS, FOOD, FUN & SUN and we guarantee you that you will not only look and feel better after your time with us but you will be given the tools and the knowledge to take away with you so you can continue the journey to a new you at home. 

We want to start a revolution! A world full of Healthy, Beautiful, Happy people! It can be done and we will prove it to you, so join us now and start your journey to a better you!