Does this picture look familiar to you when you think of working out over the Christmas holidays?

Well you're certainly not alone, as it seems a vast number of people every use the excuse of the Christmas holidays to over indulge and forget all about the goals they set themselves earlier in the year. But is there a way to enjoy your Christmas without piling back on the pounds that you've worked all year to shed? Of course there is! It's called MODERATION!

Alcohol: There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little tipple of your favourite drink at Christmas, but a tip to stop you drinking so much is to pour your wine in the other room and take your glass to the table. That way you won't be tempted to just keep topping up before you finish your glass and therefore not realising how much you've drunk until the bottle has gone.

Christmas Lunch: We all love Mum's Christmas dinner and generally it tends to be a meal that is actually highly nutritious. It also however happens to be a meal that is highly Calorific! Ask Mum for a smaller plate this year and just serve a little bit of each dish until you fill the plate. Then when you've completely emptied the plate take a moment to drink a glass of water before deciding whether you want more. I guarantee you'll eat less!

Chocolates: There really is no easy way around this one. There will be chocolates and sweets laying around, so the only way you can avoid eating too many is to make it as inconvenient to eat them as possible. Ask everyone to replace the lid when they've taken one, this will make it far less easy to just grab one in passing. Also, try not to keep them in the family room. If you keep them in the kitchen and just put a few on a plate so that once you've had them there are no more laying around, the likelihood of you getting up to get more is much slimmer.

Sitting on your Bum all day: This is actually the one you have the most control over. Christmas Day doesn't have to be spent sitting on your bum for the entire day vegetating in front of the TV. After your lunch, get up and go for a 30min walk before your favourite Festive Movie comes on. It might not burn off everything you've eaten but it will at least get that metabolism fired up and help you to process some of the food that you've eaten.

So the moral of the story is ENJOY YOURSELF and have a little treat, but don't put your goals on hold until New Year. Be mindful of how much you're eating and get in whatever exercise you can until the gyms open again on 27th.