I'm so happy about this one! After weeks of searching through hundreds of villas all over Bali, we have finally secured the most gorgeous, 5* Luxury (and I mean Luxury) Villa.


That's just a sneaky peak at the villa but if you want the full gallery (and i recommend that you do) be sure to check out the Bali Page. This little beauty is actually 3, yes 3, villas that we've hired. Each Villa has it's own private pool, garden, living area & kitchen, and it's all ours for 9 whole nights!

One of the best things about running these retreats is that we basically get to sit down and plan our dream holiday, then once we've planned it, we get to take a group of amazing people with us to experience it! That's how you KNOW that it's going to be amazing, because i wouldn't take any one of my guests somewhere that I didn't want to go, I wouldn't make any one of my guests do anything that I didn't want to do, and I wouldn't make any one of my guests eat food that I wouldn't want to eat.

We're not doing this to make a crap load of money from people, we're not doing this to starve you so that you lose a load of weight (and immediately gain it all again when you get home), we're not even doing this to beast the life out of you every day so that your muscles are so sore you can't even apply sunscreen anymore. Guys & Girls it's really simple, these retreats are designed to be AMAZING. Why do we put so much effort into making these retreats AMAZING? Because people are paying us their hard earned money! People bust their guts all year round to save for a holiday, that one time a year they can get away from it all and be where they want to be, and they've chosen to come on a New Horizon Active Escape. We have so much respect for that, and that's why our retreats are designed to be AMAZING!

So today is the day the Bali page goes live and I want to see loads of clicks and loads of enquiry forms coming through, because this really will be the best trip you (and we) have ever been on!