With less than 5 months to go until our Koh Tao Retreat, we're getting super excited and have got an awesome trip in store for all of our lucky guests! If you can think of an activity, we will almost certainly be doing it! 


Kickboxing? Yep doing it. Hiking? Yeah got that too. Abseiling & Rock Climbing? Of course! Water Sports? Are you kidding? Hell yes! Not only are we doing loads of high energy, action packed activities like the few I just mentioned, but we also have loads of things planned for when you're not huffing & puffing. 



There's so many beaches to choose from on our little island of Koh Tao, and so many nice pools and paces to chill out. We make sure our guests get that perfect mix in their day of high energy activity and zero energy sun soaking, so when you're not training and moving you can literally just stop, relax, unwind, and most importantly BRONZE.



I almost for got one of the best bits......THE FOOD! Luckily, we just so happen to have spent a year on this little piece of paradise and during that time lets just say we "sampled" a few of the local eateries. From healthy breakfasts, to detox juices, through to scrumptious seafood dishes, we've got it all covered and more so whatever our guests desire, we will provide!




For more information about all the awesome things we have in store for our Koh Tao Retreat.........

........and if you like what you see we still have 2 Rooms left at our discounted price so get booking while it's still available.