It's the first quarter of 2016, and if you're anything like the countless people we've spoken to, you're all feeling a bit down in the dumps and depressed. Is it you? Is there something wrong with you? Should you go to your doctor and get some pills? Well, maybe, but more than likely i'd say you're absolutely fine.


Think about it for a minute. You're entire year is a series of events and the build up to them. The four main events tend to be 1)A Holiday 2)Your Birthday 3)Christmas 4)New Year. Isn't that a bit sad? That your entire 12 months of a year can be summed up in 4 main events, each of which is a matter of a few days! If we add up the total number of days from a 2 week holiday, your Birthday, Christmas (we'll say it's 3 days), and New Years Eve/Day, that makes a total of 20 days out of 365! So what the hell is happening for the other 345 days of the year? I'll tell you what's happening, you're hoping, wishing and waiting for those pre-determined events that you've managed to persuade your brain are the only things worth living for!

So what's the secret? How can you live a happier, more fulfilling and less depressing life? Well get ready because below is the New Horizon Recipe for happiness:

1) Re-Evaluate - If you wake up every morning, absolutely dreading the work day ahead, then you're in the wrong job! I'm sorry but it's true! I hear people every single day bitching and moaning about their job, about how they feel undervalued, overworked and underpaid. Now this means one of two things 1) You just like complaining about something 2) You're unhappy with your job. If it's the latter, then guess what...........Do something about it! Nobody is going to hand you a dream job on a plate, you've gotta take life by the horns and go get that job you've always dreamed of otherwise i'm sorry but you get no sympathy from us.

2) Break It Up -  Why should your year be divided into just 4 main events? If you, like most other hard working Brits get annual holiday allowance from work, don't waste it on random days off at home. There are LOADS of cheap weekend breaks around the world that that you can pick up for just a couple of hundred pounds. Book the Friday & Monday off work and have yourself a nice long weekend in Rome or Madrid. Book all your breaks at the start of the year and try to sandwich them in between your other annual events so you know you've got something fun booked every couple of months throughout the year.

3) Exercise - I know you've all heard this one before and just thought it's a scam created by gyms to get you to sign up for expensive memberships, but believe it or not it's actually true! Exercise is a great antidepressant as it not only releases endorphins (happy hormones) therefore immediately making you feel a little happier, but the more you do it, the better you'll look and that tends to have a knock on effect with your happiness too. Exercise is also the one thing that you are most in control of, no matter how broke you are or where you live etc there really is no excuse to not do SOME exercise each day. Give it a try, I promise you'll feel great!


4) Food - Of course this one has to follow on from exercise because they pretty much go hand in hand. Now i'm sure you've all heard the saying "You are what you eat", well I prefer to say "You feel what you eat". Not as catchy I know, but I think it's allot more relevant than you are what you eat, because what you eat has a more direct correlation with the way that you feel, than what you are. Eat crap, feel crap. Eat well, feel well. It really can be that simple.


5) Sunlight - Now this is a tricky one when living in the UK because we never really can guarantee the weather, but take it from me getting outside when the sun is shining is so important to your happiness. Haven't you ever noticed that even during the winter, on days when the sun is out people smile more? This is no coincidence, the Sun literally is one big antidepressant and I would recommend that you take one dose daily, in between meals for best result. But jokes aside, in a world where most of us spend our entire day working under Ultraviolet lights, it is more important now than ever before to get outside at every possible opportunity and soak up some rays.


Unfortunately we can't help with the job part, but the great news is we can help with every other point on this list! New Horizon Active Escapes can be the holiday to look forward to, the exercise, the healthy eating and the sunshine. What's more is we've currently got some crazy discounts on our website for our 2016 escapes. So if you need a little happiness in your life, don't waste anymore time being miserable, get yourself on a New Horizon Active Escape.