With so much conflicting diet information out there these days and the intentional misinformation that's being fed to us by big food businesses, it's no wonder that the nation (and the world)  is totally screwed up when it comes to what we should, or should not be eating.

At New Horizon we believe that one of the biggest contributors to the current obesity statistics is SUGAR. It is literally everywhere! Seriously, try and avoid it, it's almost impossible for the average person. The problem is that most people are eating sugar in food that they genuinely believe is healthy. I mean we all know that fizzy drinks and chocolate are packed full of the stuff, but what about your morning breakfast cereals, or your favourite coffee from Starbucks? Did you know that you're probably consuming almost all of your daily recommended amount in just these two things?

I was recently interviewed by Third Space London about where sugar is hiding, as well as how the big brands like to sneak it into your food under different names. You can read the full interview >>>HERE<<<

Stay Healthy! 


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