As we build up to our awesome Koh Tao Thailand Fitness Retreat, i'm writing about all of our favourite places that we will be visiting with our guests on the island. Next up for review is the appropriately named Fitness Cafe.

Neatly tucked away behind Gym & Fitness, you could be forgiven for not knowing this little gem of a restaurant was even there, but peep round the corner and there it is, a little piece of healthy heaven perched up on a cozy little patio, underneath a huge Mango tree. Now when I say "healthy" that obviously comes with some conditions, for example, I'm not sure exactly how healthy it is to sit and devour a stack of American Pancakes, with a side of English Breakfast and drink one of their amazing Peanut Butter Truffle protein smoothies all in the same sitting, however that's not to say I wouldn't do it given half the chance!

But seriously lets talk food! You hungry? Thirsty? What do you fancy? How about a super healthy cold pressed juice? Well you're in luck, Fitness Cafe have a whole range of tasty and super healthy juices specially designed by the gorgeous Sofia, from Cleanse & Detox, Weight Loss, as well as Energy & Immunity juices they've got you covered.


Or maybe you're like me, and could pretty much eat breakfast for every meal of the day? Well then these guys definitely have your back! Whether it's a beautifully made English Breakfast (To which I usually add a few extra eggs because i'm a pig), or the Smoked Salmon Set for those that like the lighter touch, Fitness Cafe really does deliver. Veggies will love the Wellness Set that comes with a gorgeous fruit salad, topped with Greek Yogurt and homemade (Yes you heard right, Homemade!) Granola, with seed crackers & humous, or if you like something a little sweeter then may I suggest my personal favourite............PROTEIN PANCAKES! Seriously, I cannot describe the affection that I have for these damn pancakes. I've been off the island for 2 bloody years and I still get cravings for them. Can't wait for June!


If the breakfasts are not your your cup of tea (Oh.......Tea.......Fresh Tea, they do that as well by the way) then you can always go for one of the awesome Salads or wraps on offer. Made with the freshest ingredients available on the day they've got some great combinations that you just don't find in Thailand. Chicken, Feta & Quinoa for one, and Mediterranean Vegetable, Chicken & Quinoa on another. No meat? No problem, try the popular Veggie Bean Patty Salad or one of the other Vegetarian options on for size. 

All of Fitness Cafe's dishes are prepared on site by their amazing team, and under the direction of owners Marek & Sofia. They have Koh Tao's smallest little kitchen, but somehow manage day in day out to produce dish after dish of fresh, nutritious, beautiful food. These guys not only became good friends of ours while we lived in Koh Tao but they also became a real inspiration for us to take a leap and do what we love. There's a famous saying "Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life" and these guys have got it down to a tee. Now with the addition of Koh Tao's finest Bar and Craft Ale distributor "The Beer Masons" (Yeah sure it's a slight contrast to the health cafe, but life is to be lived and trust me the beer is worth it), they really are a formidable team, and we can't wait to treat our lucky guests to some delicious food..............and maybe a beer if they're lucky!