So you may or may not have heard that for our Bali Escape this October we have a “Guest Coach” Miss Zanna Van Dijk joining us, and we’re very excited to have her on board! Why? Well, because in a world where social media influencers rule the hearts and minds of people everywhere, we’ve finally found one we trust.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that people on Social Media can’t be trusted………..Oh wait……….Yeah I kinda am, because unfortunately we live in a world where people are ashamed to be themselves, and feel that the only way people will buy into them and their products is to manipulate every aspect of what the follower is seeing and reading. These “influencers” do exactly that, they influence the way that people (both men and women) view themselves and the world around them, and we believe they have a responsibility to be honest and true to the follower, and themselves about the way they live their life, and especially the way they REALLY look.

Of course, like anything, you can’t tar all these guys with the same brush, because there really are some guys and girls with great ethics out there, that are being honest about the way they look, and the way they live their lives. One such person is the gorgeous Zanna Van Dijk. Now this is a woman after our own hearts! Her honest representation of herself and her profession is a real breath of fresh air in a world that is polluted with fitness charlatans,  and you only need to watch one of her YouTube videos or Snapchats, to know that what you see is what you get with this one!

Photo by Hugo Petit

Photo by Hugo Petit

We're always drumming into people on our escapes, that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent. It’s small, positive, consistent changes over a long period of time that will give you the best possible chance of looking, and staying in shape. It’s absolutely not these dramatic, unhealthy, unsustainable changes to your diet and training, like allot of these “12 week transformation” trainers would have you doing, and Zanna shares and promotes this philosophy with us.

Not only will Zanna be taking our guests through a series of fun, high energy workouts in the grounds of our luxury Villa, but she’ll also be sitting down for some “Real Talk” about the best ways to get & stay in shape, and how to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle. All of this on top of the other amazing activities we’ve got in store for guests, means it’s gonna be one hell of a ride…….Oh, and we’ll be there too if anyone cares!

Spaces have sold FAST, meaning we’re down to our last couple of rooms, so if you’d like to join us, and Zanna in paradise for some Sun, Fun & Fitness, get booking now by clicking below.