Just one of the great things we bring guests of New Horizon Escapes is a variety of amazing trainers from all over the world. We kicked things off with the UK’s own Zanna Van Dijk, who will be coaching at our October Bali and and February Koh Samui Escapes, and now we are very pleased to announce that we’re flying in US YouTube sensation Tee Major.

Every once in a while you meet a very special kind of fitness professional with an energy and passion for health & fitness that you just can’t fake. Tee is that very person, and we are seriously excited to have him join us for our Koh Tao Escape in April 2017.

With a very successful coaching career behind him that has spanned from training the general public, to developing young athletes in the US, to flying out to military operations in Iraq and training the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, as well as transient troops from Mongolia, Croatia, Poland, Spain, France and other allied forces, we think that Tee ticks all the boxes to ensure our guests have an unforgettable experience

Tee will show our guests ways of using their body in ways they didn’t even know it could be used. Take a pinch of Athletics, add a dash of Team Sport, and garnish with plenty of Military Training, and you’ve got yourself a Tee Major training session……….Excited yet?

No? OK well what if I told you that he’s also ridiculously good looking? In fact I’ve been told on several occasions that we look like we could be related. Obviously he would be the less attractive of the two of us, but that just goes without saying right? I'll tell you what, why don't you be the judge, here we both are in all of our bald headed glory...........OK OK he's better looking, but it's a close one!

All jokes aside, we are honoured to have Tee joining us in Koh Tao, and we know that guests will have an unforgettable time training with him. 

So if you fancy a little bit of American flare added to our already awesome retreats, then join us and Tee in Koh Tao next April.