We recommend taking your time to read through all of the information we have available for each of our retreats before you make a decision, but we also understand sometimes you just want a few quick questions answered before you commit to reading more. Below is a list of common questions we get asked about our retreats, and Kenya specifically.

Q: Where is it? A: Watamu, Kenya

Q: How long is it? A: 8 Nights

Q: How do I get from the airport to the resort? A: We will have one of the resort's private drivers collect you directly from the airport and transfer you to the resort

Q: Are transfers included? A: Arrival transfers to resort are covered, but guests are responsible for return costs (approx £50)

Q: What are the dates? A: 15th-23rd July 2018

Q: Will there be Safari included? A: Yes definitely - We'll be spending the night in a beautiful luxury camp right in the heart of Tsavo East National Park

Q: Will I see lot's of animals on Safari? A: Yes you will see plenty of wildlife, however please bare in mind they are wild animals, and don't always want to be seen, so there are no guarantees of exactly which animals you'll see.

Q: How much does is cost? A: Prices from £2,293 per person

Q: Is it safe? A: Yes, Watamu particularly is a very quiet, and safe area

Q: I heard there was some trouble recently. What was that about? A: There were some protests about government elections recently. This is purely regarding elections, and is isolated to Nairobi. This also has no impact on tourism. The people love tourists!

Q: Do many people come alone? A: Yes, a majority of our guests come by themselves

Q: Do I need vaccinations? A: Please consult with your GP for recommended vaccinations

Q: How do I get there? A: You can fly into Mombassa or Malindi - Please see "Getting Here" Page for more info

Q: Do you cater for allergies/different dietary requirements? A: Yes absolutely, please inform us when booking


Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us via the below form and we'll happily answer anything you'd like to know. Alternatively if you'd like to arrange a call with us, simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we'll be in touch at a time that suits you.

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