You’ll feel a million mies from your life back home at our beautiful Maldives resort, so you might think it would be impossible to get to, but you’d be wrong! We want to make things as simple as possible for guests, to ensure that from the time you take off from your home country your mind can relax and you can begin enjoying your adventure with New Horizon Escapes. We’ve put together a very simple step by step guide below explaining everything you need to know about getting to us.

  1. Reserve your place on our Maldives adventure for just £500

  2. Search for return flights to Male’ International Airport

  3. Arrival should be on the first day of your escape BEFORE 15:00, and departure should be on the last day of your escape AFTER 12:00

  4. Once booked, notify us of your flight information

  5. Upon arrival in Male’ we’ll have a representative to greet and assist you to your seaplane transfer

  6. Enjoy the 45 minute seaplane flight over the beautiful islands of the Maldives

  7. Arrive to our private Jetty where you’ll be greeted in style!

Important information regarding seaplane transfer

Please note that maximum baggage allowance for seaplane transfer is 25kg per passenger. Fees for excess baggage are considerably expensive so it is advisable to keep weight within the limit!