Now it's pretty clear from the offset that our Exclusive Kenya Escape is going to be a little different from our usual retreats, but on this occasion different is definitely better! Let's face it Kenya has got to be on most people's "To Do" list when it comes to travel, but can you imagine not only getting to travel to an absolutely stunning place like this for an epic safari adventure, but also taking part in one of the worlds best fitness retreats while you're there? No? Well it's happening, so get yourself booked for the trip of a lifetime!

As with all of our escapes, we do things pretty differently than your usual "Fitness Retreat". 

New Horizon Escapes are about getting you out of the gym and into the wilderness, taking home experiences not just sore muscles. Why would you go half way round the world to a stunning place like Kenya to spend your entire time having the life kicked out of you, and eating nothing but rabbit food?

Your days with us on this retreat will be filled with fun workouts, exciting new challenges, unforgettable experiences, and delicious, nourishing food that fills your belly and warms your heart.

It might sound too good to be true, but this is what New Horizon Escapes are all about!

Kenya Activities include

Beach workouts - Kayaking - Stand up paddle boarding - Yoga & meditation - Forest Hiking/mountain biking - Luxury Safari Camp - Snorkelling - Dolphin & Whale watching - Lot's more!