Meet The Founders

To make things a little simpler, I (Adam) will be writing this Bio, and Ina (My beautiful partner in crime) will be hovering anxiously over my shoulder, meticulously reading everything that I’m writing (Hence the beautiful partner in crime comment!)

We’ve both come from very different backgrounds in the Fitness Industry; Ina from a Kickboxing/Martial Arts background, and myself from a Fitness, Bodybuilding & Gym Management background, but wherever we’ve gone and whatever we’ve done we found we were always most formidable when we joined forces and worked together!

After another year of globe trotting to far away lands together we finally found ourselves back where it all started, Smoky Old London Town, and we immediately began talking about the future………….How could we continue to motivate and inspire people to get fitter, healthier, and to lead better lives but more importantly how could we continue to visit amazing countries all around the world whilst doing so?......... “Bing!” (That’s a light bulb moment by the way). That was it! It all came together right there! The seed that we had planted over a year ago on that island had grown into a little green shoot that was bursting through the soil as we spoke and reaching up toward the light. New Horizon Escapes was that shoot!



So who are we?

Well, we’re Just a couple of weirdo's that love being active and travelling the world together!

OK, maybe that’s not the most helpful Bio for you guys to get to know us so we’ll go a little deeper for you all………

We are Adam & Ina, and we are the Founders and Head Coaches of New Horizon Escapes!


We started our journey together in London where we met (In a gym of course!) and we immediately found that we shared a passion for travelling and for spreading Health & Fitness to those around us. This prompted our first big adventure to Thailand where we ended up staying for a whole year working in an awesome gym and creating our first business venture together; providing the local residents of the island with fun & unique group exercise classes. At this point, the seed had been planted and we discussed how it would be so cool if one day, somehow we could start a retreat where we could combine our passion for all things healthy with our love of travelling the world……….Little did we know it but New Horizon had just been born!


So here we are today, putting the final touches to the website so you beautiful people can book to come with us on our next adventure. We’re super excited to have you as our very special guests and we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!

We hope to see you there

Love from

Adam & Ina