Please Read Carefully

Terms And Conditions of use
Please, carefully read and accept current legal document that constitutes under any effect a legal binding between you, the customer of our retreat services, and us, New Horizon Active Escapes LTD (following as “New Horizon Escapes”, “us”, “we” or “the Company”). We have a specific website useful to have information or to consult our retreat services, mutually called as “The Services”, “set of Services” or simply as “Service” in this legal agreement. Advertorials and information on the New Horizon Escapes website do not necessarily represent the views and preferences of New Horizon Escapes. New Horizon Escapes will not be held liable for any loss, directly or indirectly caused by this set of Services. We recommend that an anti-virus program is run on all material downloaded from the Internet.
If you have any suggestions or comments please email us.

Purchases and Booking process
Making a purchase is really easy at New Horizon Escapes. Simply, browse through our location pages and when you find something you like click on the link to read the products specification. Select any options as indicated and click the ‘take me away’ button. You will then be asked to confirm your selection and fill out some personal information about yourself and your party (if booking for more than one person) so that we can best cater for you and your party during your escape.

Once your escape has been booked, you (and any other people in your party) will be sent a confirmation email and Welcome Pack with further information about your escape.

Following confirmation of a booking, it is then the sole responsibility of customers/guests to organise (and pay for) their own flights and transportation to the location they have booked. New Horizon Escapes does not include any flights or transportation services to customers until they arrive in the booked location. New Horizon Escapes also accepts no responsibility for delayed, missed or cancelled flights, ferries, or other modes of transportation required to get to a location.

Booking acceptance of use and customer responsibilities

Please note that following bindings apply for the booking process:
- When you perform a booking process, all relevant personal information regarding injuries, illnesses, medications and dietary requirements must be disclosed and they are mandatory to complete the process.
- Any serious injuries, illnesses or allergies (that could result in minor or serious harm or even death in determined situations during the escape) should be discussed with a member of the team before attending to any escape, as there may be reason for us to recommend someone not attend a certain destination. Filling out only the booking form is not enough in this case. Please specify if you are enlisted for this set of situations.
- New Horizon Active Escapes do not take responsibility for any injuries/illnesses, damages or any issues that may occur during the retreat under any circumstances. 
- Allergies will be accommodated but we cannot guarantee the avoiding of determined set of foods, therefore people with allergies that can result in serious illness/death are advised against attending any escape.
- All customers must provide proof of adequate travel insurance before attending.

Additionally, the customer accepts as follows:
- Bookings do not include flights. 
- Any type of advice given by us regarding flights is advisory and we will not accept responsibility for flight problems/delays/cancellations or analogue events.

Deposit & Payment clauses

The customer, using our services, agrees as follows regarding the payment and deposit legal bindings:

- Upon the booking process, a £400 per person deposit must be made to secure their booking action.
- After the payment of the deposit per person, customers have a 12 week period of time before their escape starting date to pay their remaining balance. In the case that a customer requires more time to pay their remaining balance, they must advise us as soon as possible. We will return back a specific response as quickly as possible. This delay in payments is conceded at our sole discretion, and is considered on a case by case basis. 
- Customers are given 14 days as “Cooling off period” for deposit payments.
- Customers are given 30 days as “Cooling off period” when making full payments in advance
- After any cooling off period, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Once bookings are made, and cooling off period described in the previous section has passed, we do not offer any type of refunds under any circumstances or situations.

Local activities, workouts and transportation

Regarding activities and transportation, the customer accepts as follows:

- All retreat activities & transportation are booked with external parties and have been checked and risks assessed by New Horizon Active Escapes LTD, however we are not responsible, under any circumstances, for the actions of these parties and it is exclusively discretion of the customer to determine whether they are participating in an unsafe activity. New Horizon Active Escapes is an agent between the customer and the third party, nor for any other part. 
- Customers are not forced to participate in any activity they are uncomfortable with or do not wish to do, and have the right to refuse to participate in any activity/workouts during their escape. 
- It is exclusively customer’s responsibility to use safety devices (such as seatbelts) when they are provided.
- The participation by the customer for any potential workout is exclusively responsibility of the customer. The customer specifically choose to attend to a specific activity exclusively at their own risk.


We reserve the right to take the following cancellation actions:

- A retreat may be cancelled or postponed by New Horizon Active Escapes LTD due to political, environmental, or health & safety concerns. 
- Retreats will only be cancelled or postponed if there is an apparent threat/risk to guests health & safety
- In case of retreat cancellation or if it is postponed for any reason, customer will be obtain a full refund or, for the funds paid, to be transferred to another retreat.
- In the event that customer chooses a full refund, this payment refund process may take up to 12 weeks for the completion.  

Photos & Videos

Customers, during the retreats, may be photographed and filmed by either us, or a contracted photographer/videographer. Photos/films obtained with this method may be used for marketing purposes for the foreseeable future, and may be used by New Horizon Escapes to promote other services not related to retreats. Additionally, by attending a retreat, customers automatically accept that the possibility of being filmed or photographed is likely. In the case of the customer denying this action, they should contact us and specify their choice.

Personal information and final dispositions

When booking for an escape, customers will be asked for personal information such as address, date of birth, injuries/illnesses/allergies and credit card information as already mentioned in the previous sections of this legal agreement. It is imperative to the running of an escape to provide some of this information to Third parties (namely allergy and injury information) however New Horizon Active Escapes LTD does not share/disclose personal contact or banking information with any third party companies without your prior consent.

Finally, when completing a booking process, the customer will automatically be opted in for email notifications. This is only for the purposes of keeping the customer up to date with information about their specific escape, and will not be used for marketing materials unless the customer has specifically opted in separately.


We, New Horizon Active Escapes LTD, act and operate following the general set of regulations and laws provided by the United Kingdom.