At New Horizon we will only work with people that we feel share our message of health, and our passion for life, so you can be sure that whichever retreat you choose to join us for, you will be surrounded by an awesome team of people that cares about you, your health, and most importantly your happiness.

Thailand Fitness Retreat



  • Qualifications: Level 4 Personal Trainer, Exercise To Music, Faster Global Functional Trainer
  • Years in the industry: 9 years
  • Specialities: Advanced Hypertrophy, Functional Movement, Sustainable Weight Loss, Psychology of Weight Control
  • Your Ethos: You only get one go at life, so make it count! Make sure when you stroll up to those pearly gates you can say "Life? - Yeah completed it mate!" then kick those gates open and stroll in like you own the place hahaha
  • Who inspires you: Where do I even start? I am inspired by those who have overcome adversity and kicked life in the butt, whether that's a Paralympic athlete, or someone that has risen up through poverty to become a millionaire. Anyone that proves that hard work, determination and lazer focus is all you need to succeed in life.
  • Favourite Food: All of it! Except Cucumber! There's just no need for that stuff.
  • When I grow up I want to be...... an inspiration to others. I want to know that through my journey I have helped other people to reach their true potential, and opened their eyes to the fact that they CAN have the life they always dreamed of. I'm living proof of that!



  • Qualifications: Personal Trainer, Black Belt Kickboxing Instructor & Yoga Teacher
  • Years in the industry: 5 years
  • Specialities: Martial Arts, Weights for Women, Yoga.
  • Your Ethos: I believe in a balanced lifestyle & I believe that salads, green juices & ice cream can co exist under one roof. The main thing is remembering that "bad foods" are still foods & shouldn't be labeled to make us feel guilty or ashamed, they should also be enjoyed. Now, where's my Magnum?
  • Who inspires you: When it comes to fitness I get inspired by strong & healthy female role models. When it comes to life I get inspired by my mum. She's always happy & full of light no matter what she's going through, which is a constant reminder to self to be positive :)
  • Favourite Food: Used to be Peanut Butter but now I'll have to change it to Croissants haha. Got this obsession during travelling in Sri Lanka where I missed a good having a good old pastry.
  • When I grow up I want to be...... a great role model for my little girl Malia, the rest I will let time mould me into wherever my journey takes me. No expectations, just life experiences.
Sri Lanka Zanna Van Dijk



  • Qualifications: First class honours degree with academic awards, Level 2 & 3 PT, Spin & Group Trainin
  • Years in the industry: 3 years
  • Specialities: Strength training, HIIT & bodyweight. Making you strong and sweaty!
  • Your Ethos: Do it because you love your body, not because you hate it. When training comes from a place of self-care and wanting to better yourself and your health, motivation is easy to come by!
  • Who inspires you: Adam & Ina, for creating a life they love and travelling the world!
  • Favourite Food: Nut butter. With a spoon. Straight out the jar.
  • When I grow up I want to be...... someone who leads to positive change <3



  • Qualifications: Certificate in Personal Training and a Diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre.
  • Years in the industry: 3 Years
  • Specialities: Empowering women through dance
  • Your Ethos: Happiness is a choice and you hold the power to changing your mindset to a positive one. However, sometimes you have to dig deep to find it. 
  • Who inspires you: My mum!
  • Favourite Food: Anything and everything but I’m addicted to Hummus! 
  • When I grow up I want to be…… An inspiration for young girls and women of all ages with mental health problems.
Richie Norton



  • Qualifications: Master Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Breath and meditation practitioner, Movement coach, Kettle bell master trainer, Badass
  • Years in the industry: Competitive Rugby and Athletics 15 years / PT and Coach 7 years
  • Specialities: Strength & Conditioning / Breathing and Movement performance / Transformations
  • Your Ethos:  Live life like you mean it, treat others as you wish to be treated, love unconditionally, strive to become the best version of yourself
  • Who inspires you: My Mum. For overcoming every battle that challenged her and did it all with a smile
  • Favourite Food: Pizza... and cheesecake : )
  • When I grow up I want to be...... Peter Pan!